Your Technology investment is in time. Or money. Or more than likely both. What you need to make your hardware and software investment payoff is refined user skills. You need Tech and Computer Tutor.

Audio / Video Services include: product consulting and purchasing, setup, and troubleshooting stereos, Sonos, Alexa, Smart Home, Satellite, Video Game Systems, Remote Controls, Multi-Room Audio, mobile phones and many more gadgets.

Beginner to advanced computer training is provided for a low cost. If you are just getting started or have had a computer for awhile I can help you better understand the things you want to know. Why spend months and even years trying to teach yourself the basics? Computer Tutor can help you with attaching files to your e-mails, creating documents, finding files, working programs, accessing the Internet and finding what you are looking for, setting a start page on your browser, and a lot more.Check out my teaching philosophy.

I spend most of my time with clients. Some celebrity clients include: CNN, Holland Taylor, Larry King Live, Kirstie Alley, Bob Mackie, CBS This Morning, Alan Poul, Jerry Mitchell, James Wilder, Bryan Singer, Bruce Vilanch, Jerry Herman, J. Randy Taraborrelli, Stephen Spinella, Jeffrey Sanker, Barbara Carroll, Lawrence Kasanoff, Sam Harris, Sasha Alexander, Steve Levitt, and Jack Wagner. Some of my corporate clients include: American Eagle, The World: Luxury Residences at Sea, Friar's Foundation, Martin Patrick Evan, JS Enterprises, John David Ridge Studio, Sendroff & Baruch (New York), Prudential Realty, Southern California (USC), and Il Fornaio (Beverly Hills). Most importantly, I would like to let you know that I love computers and love teaching!

Have you ever wanted your own home page? Computer Tutor can show you how or create it for you. Imagine how surprised your friends and family will be to see you have a home page. Most Internet Service Providers ISP's "The people you pay each month to get on line" give you 5MB of free space for your very own home page. Why not use that free space?

Call today and make an appointment to start making your technology work for you. I make house calls for your convenience.