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Here's what you get for your investment:

1). A studio-quality preview of up to one minute and a half. A feature length independent film (90 minutes or more) would generally need a preview of one minute and a half. Shorter films will often need shorter previews. Also, please bear in mind that shorter previews require shorter download time by your internet viewers. A 30 minute independent film is better- served by a :30 second trailer, a 20 minute film by a :20 second trailer, and so on.

2). Narration copy read by a state of the art narrator. Our narrators are heard currently on studio theatrical previews as well as television and radio commercials.

3). Graphics and sound effects that contribute the punch necessary to sell action, comedy, suspense, etc.

4). A transfer fee to get your film to a common format so that editing can begin.

5). Music score for your preview may be included.

6). Professional title treatment. If you have not already created artwork for your main title, we can create it for you.

We can provide all of the above for a minimum fee of $5,000.00.