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Indiepreviews.com is the internet version of our Los Angeles, California based Irvine/Esquibel company, which specializes in motion picture advertising. The principles have over 25 years experience in theatrical, television, and radio advertising for studio motion pictures. Some of our work includes:

The films "Courage Under Fire," "Mrs. Dalloway," "Titus," "Hit and Runway," "Johns," "Illuminata," "Strange Days," "Double Team," "Map of the World," "Mask of Zorro," and many more.

Prior to starting Irvine/Esquibel company, the principals worked in motion picture advertising on films ranging from "Sleepless in Seattle," "Basic Instinct," "Terminator 2," and "Bugsy" to "War of the Roses," "Total Recall," "Look Who's Talking," and "Top Gun." Their experience includes producing, editing, copywriting, finishing, as well as establishing strong relationships with some of the best voice-over, music, and title artists in Hollywood.